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Electronic Discovery is comprised of 5 phases:

  1. Initial Discovery Request and Conference
  2. Data Collection
  3. Data Analysis
  4. In-depth Review
  5. Report Generation

Data Detectives provides support throughout this process by offering our expertise and experience to each step.  It is our goal to help both the attorney and the client understand each step. 

The initial conference for discovery sets the stage and the limits for e-discovery.  Please see the Materials on Electronic Discovery at the Federal Judiciary Center for more information.

The data collection phase is composed of 2 parts.  First, identifying the chain of custody of the data involved and second securing a "certified" copy of the electronic data.  The Chain of Custody is the trail of individuals who have had access to the data. 

In the data analysis phase the electronic media is first marked and identified. Then, using standard techniques of data mining and data recovery the media is searched for clues

In the in-depth review using the clues found in the above and using information provided by client and attorney we then can locate any appropriate information for the case. 

In the final phase we develop a detailed forensic report with examples and a complete professional write up of our findiings.

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